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Want messages from your Spirit Guides?

Spirit School is where curious souls evolve together.

1-1 Intuitive Healing

Receive healing energy. Connect with Akashic wisdom and perspective. Tap into the intuitive guidance your soul seeks.

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Spirit School Membership

Expand into the abundant, compassionate being you are, held by a powerful spiritual community and the support of your guides.

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Trainings and Certifications

Say yes your incredible healing capacity. You (yes, YOU!) can learn Reiki, expand your intuition, read the Akashic Records, and more.  

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Meet the Founder!

Hi, I'm Jess. 

A few years ago a lot of BIG things happened that shifted me from curious skeptic to certified psychic. 

For most of my life, it was not easy for me to lean into my gifts or even uncover them. (Sound familiar at all?) So it's important to me to help you discover and live from your gifts, your purpose, your light, no matter what you've come to believe about your limits.
I have created a life I love by saying YES to my intuition, and of course by connecting to curious souls through intuitive readings, healings, trainings, and the incredible Spirit School membership community. 
More About Me

The Beginner's Path

Want to know what a chakra is, who your spirit guides are, or the science behind how energy healing actually works?

Do you want to learn from someone who was once a great skeptic about all of it and now lives her life by it?


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The Seeker's Circle

You certainly don't have the answers to all of life's questions, but you're curious about exploring your soul's true path.

Would you like the support of other curious seekers along the way?


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The Healer's Way

Whether or not you feel confident about it, you feel lit up by the fact that you have an innate capacity to heal.

Are you feeling called to explore the healing capacities within?



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Curious about membership?

What can you expect when you join Spirit School?

Spirit School is all about getting connected—to your inner knowing, to your soul's purpose, to your spirit guides...and to an incredible community.

No matter where you are on your journey, you can count on three things:

Soul-Awakening Practices

You can get out of Spirit School what you put into it. A clear path will be laid out for you to navigate in a way that works for you, with opportunities that will work with your availability and intentions.

Big Healing Energy

Live/recorded session formats include guided meditation, energy healing, Akashic Q&A, and other transformational practices. All available in written, audio, and video format. 

A Strong and Loving Container for Growth

Did you know that when you enroll in Spirit School your spirit guides join the faculty? You get to spend so much time with them that you start to sense their presence on your own, too.

Membership starting at

$44 monthly

for unlimited access to

  • Akashic guidance on your biggest questions
  • Soul-shifting practices
  • Incredible community
  • Invitations to members-only experiences and retreats
  • Extras, bonuses, and surprises!
Tell me more!

Membership Means Unlimited Healing

You'll receive meditations and practices to do on your own, or recordings to access any time.

Prefer to fly solo? 


We do have a  number of Spirit School members who work at their own pace. A limited number of one-on-one programs are available for intensive, personalized support.

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Get messages from your spirit guides!

When you sign up (it's free), your spirit guides join the team that whispers in my ear. Sign up to receive free messages from your guides.