You are perfect just as you are...

but we all need help remembering that sometimes.

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What calls to you?

Akashic Wisdom 

When we step into the Akashic Field together, you are instantly connected to the most loving, most healing guidance, perspective, and energy that you can access.

You will receive what is needed to help you see yourself and your life from the highest perspective available.

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Radiant Healing

Relax and receive an intuitive blend of energies, including Reiki, intuitive healing, Quantum Touch, and other modalities that Jess has channeled over the years.

You'll be given the option to leave time at the end of your session to receive intuitive messages that come through and insights to help you integrate and continue on your healing path.

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Energy Mapping

Jess can read your energy, how it flows through your body, where it resonates, where it's stuck, and where you've developed patterns that mask your innate strengths.

Maybe most importantly, she can see where your system is most open to change and help you develop practices that invite evolution into your being with great compassion.

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Uncertain? There's no need to choose.

Just show up.  I will help you intuitively select how we spend our time together.

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Once you make your purchase, you'll be directed to my scheduling page, and you'll be emailed a scheduling link in case you'd like to book later. I am currently booking new clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 4pm Eastern (GMT-5).

Spirit Tune-Up



  • One 60-minute session of your choice via Zoom
  • personalized practice, meditation, or healing to return to again and again
  • Video recording
  • Audio recording
  • Auto-transcript (unedited) upon request
  • An easy and loving way to tend to your spiritual wellbeing

Spirit Transformation


Monthly: Most Popular

  • Save $33/session
  • Monthly sessions on the books
  • All single-session ("Spirit Tune-Up") features 
  • One rollover allowance per month
  •  Treat yourself: Use your discounted rate for additional sessions for yourself any time
  • Treat a friend: One monthly discounted gift session of $155
  • Listen on the go: optional private podcast feed with all your session recordings for $10/session
  • Minimum  three month commitment
  • Auto-renew billed monthly (1 session/month)

Spirit Maintenance


Quarterly Spirit Love

  • Save $22/session
  • Quarterly sessions (every 3 months)
  • All single-session ("Spirit Tune-Up") features
  • Listen on the go: optional private podcast feed with all your session recordings for $15/quarter
  • Minimum one year (four quarter) commitment
  • Auto-renew billed quarterly (1 session/quarter)

Weekly or twice-monthly session opportunities occasionally become available for select existing clients.

For new clients, you may inquire about availability at your first session.

For existing clients, please email or text Jess for availability!

What would your life be like if there were nothing in your way?

Your session will orient you toward the spaciousness and possibility that is simply yours, in the face of anything you're experiencing.
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