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The Spirit Spa Membership program offers members-only pricing with a variety of packages to suit your needs and soothe your soul.


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The Most Loving Guidance


When we open your Akashic Records, you are instantly connected to the most loving, most healing guidance, perspective, and energy that you can access.

You will receive what is needed to help you see yourself and your life from the highest perspective available.

This comes from our connection to the guardians of your Akashic Records, which include your many spirit guides, known and unknown, as well as many spiritual teachers and beings that I like to think of as Akashic librarians, who tend to the vibrations of your experiences in the Akashic field.

Each time you enter the Spirit Spa, you will walk away with a renewed connection to your own power, a clarified understanding of your potential, as well as an expanded sense of connectedness and compassion.

Of course, the effects are cumulative.

You can choose the membership option that corresponds with the level of spiritual awakening you seek.

3 plans available

Plans Include These Benefits:

  • One 60-minute session Akashic Healing session via Zoom
  • personalized practice, meditation, or healing from your guides to return to again and again
  • Full call video recording
  • Full call audio recording
  • Full call auto-transcript (unedited)
  • Discounts on all additional Spirit Spa sessions for yourself (some plans)
  • Monthly Spirit Spa discounts for a friend (some plans)
  • Easy Commitment to your spiritual wellbeing on the books
  • NEW: Private podcast feed add-on option with all your session recordings!
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Spiritual Tune Up Membership


Dip your toe in

  • Save $14/session
  • Quarterly sessions (every 3 months) with features listed above
  • Add-on option: private podcast feed with all Spirit Spa audio for $15/quarter
  • One year (four quarter) commitment required
  • Billed quarterly (1 session/quarter)

Spiritual Seekers Membership


Most Popular

  • Save $25/session
  • Monthly sessions with features listed above + one rollover allowance
  • 10% off every additional Spirit Spa service for yourself 
  • One 10% off code per month for a friend
  • Add-on option: private podcast feed with all Spirit Spa audio for $10/session
  • Three month commitment required
  • Billed monthly (1 session/month)

Spiritual Transformation


"Like therapy with your guides"

  • Save $144/month
  • Weekly (4x/month) sessions with features listed above + two rollover allowances
  • 20% off every additional Spirit Spa service for yourself
  • One 20% off code per month for a friend
  • Add-on option: private podcast feed with all Spirit Spa audio for $5/session
  • Two month commitment required
  • Billed monthly (4 sessions/month)

Frequently Asked Questions about Akashic Healing


About Jess

Jess believes that our sensitivities point the way to our superpowers. She helps empaths, healers, and sensitive souls align with their soul's true path and step into their authentic power through a blend of modalities.

She is a certified advanced reader of the Akashic Records, a certified Psychic Medium and Intuitive Consultant, an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, and creator of programs including the Intuitive Reiki™ Practitioner program and Superhero School for Sensitive Souls. She has been a Reiki practitioner since 2010, a yoga teacher since 2011, and a holistic wellness coach since 2017, and she enjoys blending together the many additional modalities she's studied and channeled. She is a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and has a couple of degrees in English from nerdy schools of "higher" education, too. Until recently, she lived in her native Brooklyn, NY; now she’s enjoying living the nomadic life while the universe takes its time telling her where to land.