Your inner healer, your inner intuitive...

They are calling to you, whether or not you've met them yet.

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Current offerings to support your soul:

Intuitive Reiki Practitioner Program 

You already have a natural capacity to heal yourself. (Think about what happens a day or so after you get a paper cut—how miraculous is that healing?)

Harness the loving vibrations of Reiki to realign yourself with your innate powers of healing and expand into your unlimited capacity.

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Intro to Intuitive Development

You are an intuitive being, even if you've been taught to hear the voices outside of yourself more loudly than your own intuitive knowing.

This is a short, self-paced course in reconnecting with your the inner voice of your intuition.

This course is currently being revamped...because Jess has BIG intuitive insights that she didn't want to leave out! Get on the wait list now. 

Akashic Wisdom Training

We all have access to the loving wisdom of the Akasha. Often called the Akashic Records, some access it naturally or spontaneously, without any training, while others like me benefit from guidance, support, and practice in community.

Spirit School will be offering its first Akashic Wisdom Training in early 2022, with the dates to be announced very soon.

If you're feeling the call...

It may just be time to answer.